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World class companionship mixed with a penchant for life, and adventure is the perfect setting for you! Let your imagination run wild, together we'll explore everything Chicago has to offer. No agenda or pretense set in place, just an open road ahead. 


Perhaps we decide the simple life, a movie playing in the background. Tucked under the covers, room service, and a glass of vintage wine; it’s the perfect evening together.  I've got just the outfit, I picked it up earlier today at Agent Provocateur with you in mind.


Looking for more excitement? You’ve certainly come to an extraordinary place where anything can happen, and the possibilities are endless. Let's choose our trip, I’ll be your petite tour guide, escorting you to the cities top destinations.


Get to know more about me here! When we meet I'll be interested in knowing about you, your desires and the possibilities that come without entanglements. This is where excellent friendships begin. Come be alive with me!


Aria Moore



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Former Playboy T.V. Star: 
Confidant, Advisor, and Companion


Hello Handsome New Admirer,

It's my genuine pleasure to invite you into my life and mind. I'm Aria Moore.

   As a former Playboy TV star, and fitness model, I am often adored for my warm smile, easy nature, & quick wit. Often lovingly described as a caring, independent, convivial person. I'm also a lover of dogs, sunny beaches, and adventure.

   I am a well-educated, world traveler. A perfectly polished, vibrant woman filled with rapt attention just waiting for you. Petite at 5'2 and a size zero, I'm in my late 20's with a toned slender figure, soft olive skin and long silky chestnut hair. My happy demeanor and smile will quickly put you at ease. I encourage you to laugh with me as we embrace the world!

   You're the gentleman I desire to spend time with. Let's get acquainted, sip a quiet drink and develop a rapport.  Let my excitement for you become a retreat you will return to again, and again.

   I respect your need for privacy. It will always be treated with the utmost discretion regardless of the situation. A gentleman like yourself works hard, and  deserves only the very best!

   I certainly adore the well dressed and respectful gentleman. My style and grace will always rise to meet (or exceed) yours. Let’s have a night on the town, enjoying everything Chicago has to offer. With a woman like me at your side, V.I.P treatment will be a certainty at even the most top rated establishments.

   My authenticity and extraordinary passion for life will exceed your expectations. My dedication to health, and nutrition will be apparent at a glance, and above all my compassion, and caring will lift you up, lasting well past our secret encounter.

   Anticipation has me waiting enthusiastically for you on the edge of my seat.

Let's explore new enterprises together! Excitedly awaiting your correspondence and the escapades to come...


Aria Moore


Lets Meet

   I’m extremely flattered you'd like to meet me and I'm looking forward to spending time with you. Please understand I'm very selective about whom I see. Verification times vary so I ask that you please be patient, and consider planning ahead. If this is our first adventure together, please be sure to read my FAQ.

Screening & Verification

   Safety is paramount, so please understand all new friends must be screened prior to meeting. I will do my best to accommodate your unique privacy concerns. If you are still  uncomfortable with the verification process, please consider my own privacy needs, and know that it is necessary for everyones comfort.

   Appointment requests should be submitted through my secure booking form. Form requests filled out completely will always be given first priority. If  this is our first time meeting, please be sure to include all screening criteria requested, including employment details. Should you feel uncomfortable using the online form please contact my assistant to make alternative screening arrangements.

   Verification times may vary using past referrals, but contacting your reference ahead of time can expedite the process. Please be sure you are at least 35 years of age before contacting me.  If you don't get a reply, it's most likely because your request didn't conform to one of my guidelines.


Discretion, and privacy are among our top priorities second only to safety.


View My Calendar

Open My Secure Booking Form


Email: 💌 aria.moore@protonmail.com

Join my Mailing List 





Let's Get Together:

Delight is my forte, as you will soon learn. Private screening is that little essential leading us right into the world of happiness. You can get the process started by filling out my private screening form. Note that our minimum time together for engagements at my headquarters is two hours. When I am traveling, our minimum time together is 90 minutes. Wouldn’t you love to spend more time with me? Please browse the menu below and select your delight. I am most eager to hear your selection.

Suburban Chicago/O'Hare

Aria would be pleased to visit your hotel in suburban Chicago!  For visits to Oakbrook, Naperville, Schaumburg, or neighborhoods of a similar distance from downtown there is a two hour minimum (no travels fees applied) as long as we plan for a time outside of rush hour (8-10am, 4-6pm). Should you prefer to meet during peak traffic times, she would ask that you extend your meeting time to accommodate the drive time. Similarly for O'Hare visits a 90 minute minimum (no travel fee)  would apply outside of peak traffic times. 

*Please note Aria does not visit private residences. 

*Established Friends: Past rates, and packages will be honored

  Amusing Engagements

What we learn with intimacy is never forgotten. 

1 hr ( touring only) 800
90 Min Intro 1200
2 Hours   1400
3 Hours 1800

Dinner Engagements

Dining is an art to be relished before we savor each other. All dinner dates require 2 hrs of public time - restaurant, lounge, wine bar. No excessive drinking, please. The rest is private time.

4 Hours *****Dates longer than 4hrs plus require a 50% deposit.***** 2300
5 Hours 2900
6 Hours 3400

Extended Engagements

So compelling is our energy that one evening is not enough! Overnights require ample sleep time.  Advance engagement is required to ensure our chemistry.

12 Hours 5000
Afternoon to Early Morning 7500
24 Hours 9500


So exquisite is our liaison that we must explore the world. I am a cultured traveler with a passport in my back pocket. Requirements: Itinerary and 50% deposit.

3 Day Weekend  16,000
5 Day Excursion 23,000
International Excursion Please Inquire

Travel Notes

Donations do not include air or ground fare. Private ground transportation is required

Cancellation Policy

Yes, it can happen but should be avoided as we are both conscientious adults. Ample notice is appreciated. Regrettably, should you find yourself canceling anytime within 24 hours of our date you'll be required to pay a 50% cancellation fee. Due at the time of cancellation.

Favorite Things

What Lady Doesn't Have a Few Favorite Things?


Places to Visit

  • Art museums
  • Botanical gardens
  • Any tropical Island
  • Sporting Events

Delightful Indulgences

  • Favorite Flowers: Casablanca Lillies
  • Favorite Fragrance: 

... And Some Guarded Secrets

  • Shoe size: 06 (US)
  • Pant size: 0-3 24w
  • Bra size: 34D
  • Dress size: XXS or 0 (zero)


1.    How do you feel about being a companion?

I love it! I have a knack for attracting rewarding relationships with my suitors. As a result, our experiences are positive and enjoyable. What could be better?

2.    As a private person, verification makes me nervous. Is it really necessary?

Take comfort in knowing that I am just as private as you which is why the screening process is essential if we are to see one another. Trust that your personal information will be held in strict confidence and discarded once the process is complete.

3.    Can you email me private photos before we meet?

I am flattered by your interest but unfortunately am unable to do so. My website is full of current imagery that should keep you entertained until we meet.

4.    How discreet are you?

I always draw a distinction between my personal life and lifestyle as a companion. Likewise, I will always respect your privacy and never acknowledge our acquaintance should our paths cross in public. What happens between us stays between us.

5.    I’d love to know all about you. Will you tell me about your background?

More important than my past is your fulfillment. Our encounters are all about living in the present and creating beautiful experiences moving forward.

6.    What will you wear when we meet?

Typically, I will greet you in a classy, presentable and understatedly sexy outfit especially if we meet in public. I will honor personal requests and even accept a gift if the items are not already in my wardrobe.

7.    How accurate are your photos?

As a former Playboy TV star and professional model, what you see is what you get (and probably even better!). I am blessed with an incredible figure that does not require Photoshop alterations.

8.    What is your idea of a romantic evening?

An evening spent with a refined and respectful gentleman over an elegant dinner filled with stimulating conversation arouses me incredibly. Such is the chemistry that leads to a passionate dessert!

9.    Do you have a client age preference?

I do prefer gentlemen 35 and over.


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